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Questions and answers

Why are new banknotes needed?
Can I continue to use the banknotes I have (Series B of the New Shekel) after the new banknotes are issued?

It will still be possible to use the outgoing banknotes for several years after the new series has been issued. Over time, the Bank of Israel will issue detailed instructions regarding the deadline for replacing the outgoing banknotes still remaining in circulation.

How can I replace the banknotes I have with banknotes of the new series?
Have there been any changes in the denominations of the new series of banknotes?
Why is it important to check the security features incorporated in the new series of banknotes?
Where can we learn more about the new banknotes and the security features that have been incorporated in them?
Are the new banknotes more accessible to persons with impaired vision?
What material are the banknotes made of?
How were the colors for the new series of banknotes selected?
How may we distinguish between the banknotes from the old series and the banknotes from the new series?
Who are the personages featured on the new banknotes?
How were the persons portrayed on the new banknotes selected?
How was the design of the new banknotes selected?
Is the production cost of the new banknotes higher than that of the current banknotes?
When were the Series C banknotes put into circulation?